• Precast Concrete Storm & Tornado Shelter Forms Molds

    STORM SHELTER FORMS. We Manufacture Custom & Standard Precast Concrete Molds, Supply Scaled Drawings For State Approvals and Provide Technical Support and Serv.We Have In Ground Sloped Front Storm Shelters and Above Ground Walk in Storm Shelters. We Have Been Manufacturing Septic Tank Mold/Forms Since 1963 Going From New Customers Back to Three Generations.

  • Tornado Shelters NC North Carolina Underground Storm

    North Carolina Granger ISS Storm Shelter Customers on the News! An North Carolina customer of ABS Storm Shelters of Greensboro, NC tells a Triad Region News Channel why they purchased a Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter. Watch in the clip above, as a happy customer has her families Tornado Shelter installed with a Triad Region New Channel interviews the family! For more information about

  • Truth About Concrete: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Since many people believe that going below ground is much safer than trying to weather the storm above ground, then one would have to agree that a steel storm shelter would be much safer and structurally sound.Concrete: And The Ugly Truth—is that even though we as a society tend to place a lot of faith in concrete for our above ground needs like buildings, roads, homes, schools, etc., trying

  • Storm Shelters Lake Martin Storm Shelters

    Its mold and mildew resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, molded seating, large doors, tall ceilings, carpet, handrails, locking exterior door, cell phone reception and carries a 10 year warranty. Community Shelters. Engineered & built to FEMA 361 specifications so you can trust that our community shelters will provide F5 tornado protection. Get A Quote. I WOULD LIKE A QUOTE “I’m showing

  • Building Components Norwalk Precast Molds

    Storm Shelter Molds. Storm shelters are offered for either above or below ground applications. These molds can be ordered with our patented Hydra-Strip® system or air strip system. They feature spring-assisted hinged outer walls, rollback jackets or expanding er shells. Order Now

  • Fiber Shelters Are Risky Ideas Rising S Company

    These interiors are built using products which over time will mold and rot. Another downfall to using in your underground shelter is the risk of fire and with the itself being highly flammable making it the last place you would want to be during a fire. Fiber products have a gel coating that is designed to protect them but when buried underground these coatings tend

  • Residential Storm Shelters Rising S Company

    Find shelter in any storm with one of our above or below ground all steel storm shelters. Whether it’s a tornado, hurri, a home intruder or civil unrest, we have a solution that will not only meet or exceed all your needs, it can fit your budget too! All our tornado shelters, safe rooms and underground storm shelters come with a lifetime structural warranty. All our steel shelters, meet

  • Storm Shield Tornado Shelter

    Storm Shield Tornado SheltersTM “state of the art” collection of in-ground tornado shelters brings proven features together from a variety of sources in the industry. Our storm shelter designs are continually scrutinized in every detail by our staff to insure that FEMA and National Building Code Design Criteria for underground storm shelters and their installation are being adhered to.

  • Tornado Shelters at Lowes

    Swisher ESP Safety Shelter- Wheelchair Accessible- 20 Person Private/12 Person Business. Item #1394586. Model #SR114X84G. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and avaiility. No Reviews. Swisher (Interior Dimensions: 9.17-ft x 6.67-ft x 6.34-ft) Steel Above-ground Interior Tornado Shelter. Item #1394587. Model #SR84X114G. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and avaiility. No

  • Dome design, dome building, dome structures, dome

    Creating compound curved elements requires a mold system. Domeshells does NOT design or build geodesic domes which are created with triangular elements to form a dome shape with facets. The Domeshells Building System is Ideally Suitable for: Cabins; Houses; Tourist accommodation; Mining accommodation; Storage silos; Survival shelters; Storm shelters; Emergency shelter; Disaster

  • Building Components Norwalk Precast Molds

    Storm Shelter Molds. Storm shelters are offered for either above or below ground applications. These molds can be ordered with our patented Hydra-Strip® system or air strip system. They feature spring-assisted hinged outer walls, rollback jackets or expanding er shells. Order Now

  • Storm Warriors Tornado Shelters Storm Warriors

    Most would tell you that they will get a storm shelter before the next storm strikes. Here are the reasons we have found that many families in tornado alley don’t invest into a storm shelter. 1. I don’t have the cash. The good news is that storm shelters can be financed just like any household appliance, car or new watch at your local bank or credit union. The monthly payment for a storm

  • Steel, concrete or storm shelter Torshel

    Concrete Storm Shelters. There are still homebuilders or homeowners building safe rooms out of concrete blocks. We understand that sometimes money may not be enough to afford a steel shelter, but while trying to save some money they put their clients and families at risk.

  • Storm Shelters Safecastle

    We install many storm shelters above ground and they are fully as strong as those that go underground. One new option we are offering is a 10-foot wide drive-in, above-ground storm shelter to protect you AND your vehicle from damages in a storm. Be sure to contact us for a quote on that option.

  • Storm Shelters Tulsa OK F5 Storm & Tornado Shelters

    If you’re considering purchasing a storm shelter in Tulsa, the FlatSafe Storm Shelter may be exactly what you’re searching for. This patented (#7428800) advanced new product is an underground storm shelter intended for usage in your home’s garage. Supplying beyond F5 protection, it can be installed in an existing home and optimize the floor area under your car. Whether you choose our

  • Tips for Dehumidifying a Storm Shelter DoItYourself

    If you have just built a storm shelter or already had one in your house when you moved in you need to make sure it is ready to be used. Since you never know when you will need it, the room should have all of your emergency supplies stored inside. However, if the room is humid or holds humidity, your storm shelter is no longer safe. Humidity causes mildew and mold to form which in turn promotes

  • Important Steps to Take When Transforming a Conex Box

    Turning a conex box for sale into a storm shelter is a great idea if you live in an area susceptible to severe weather incidents. As long as you plan in advance, your shelter should serve its purpose and hold up for many years. Sources: Facts About Mold and Dampness, cdc.gov. Stocking Your Storm Shelter, homelandstores. Comments for this post are closed. SEARCH BLOG. Search for: SEARCH BY

  • How to Build a Root Cellar and Storm Shelter Farm and

    Land for Sale. Videos. Newsletter-Advertisement--Advertisement-How to Build a Root Cellar and Storm Shelter Use an ag liquids tank, soil, and reinforcements, and learn how to build a root cellar and storm shelter in one. Courtesy FARM SHOW Magazine May/June 2014. Mike used a 1,500-gallon plastic ag liquids tank to build this root cellar/storm shelter. Photo courtesy FARM SHOW Magazine. Mike

  • Super Tornado Shelters Large Super Tornado Shelters

    Our steel storm shelters are coated with rubberized coating which stops corrosion and guaranteeing the shelter will last for generations. With our steel storm shelters, there is no worrying about typical issues like corrosion, cracks, mold, moisture or collapses due to exposure to the weather and earth. Additionally, unlike traditional concrete shelters. RSC shelters are installed completely

  • FEMA Storm Shelter Grants Government Grants

    FEMA Storm Shelter Grants Storm shelters are one of the many things people tend to neglect when they are building a house. Although most of the times having a basement is sufficient, but many death incidences happen to people sheltering in their basement during major storms, hurris or tornadoes. A government agency that is responsible to act swiftly during major disasters like